AngelaDayI am a writer, illustrator, and an educator who teaches children of all ages about American Sign Language (ASL). My inspiration comes from my sister Monica Marciniak, an ASL instructor at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota. Monica, being deaf herself, creates awareness of the importance of deaf culture and teaches that communication is a gift. I am proud to say that my sister is the reason I do what I do.

My most important job is being a mother to my five year old daughter Caroline and my two year old son Cullen. Seeing the world through their eyes has given my life a whole new meaning. They are the reason I started to write and illustrate children’s picture books. My husband, Joel Day, has been my biggest supporter and my rock for almost twelve years of marriage. He is a devoted father, hard worker and a talented writer. It gives me so much joy that the two of us were given the opportunity to publish a book together.

I want to instill in people that anyone can sign and everyone can communicate better. We live in very rushed and need it now society. Teaching our children to become more effective at communicating will decrease confusion and increase stability in many aspects in their lives.

Once Upon a Family and Look Who’s Learning to Sign are books designed to teach young children and tots the basic family signs of American Sign Language (ASL).  Makes a great Gift! Click here to order!

Click here to read about how sign language can promote early literacy.

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Even if you don’t know American Sign Language, with Look Who’s Learning Sign you can teach your preschoolers signs for words they use every day! Signing and reading go hand and hand. Using the two skills together can promote early literacy in children. A child is able to participate not only by listening, but also by becoming more actively involved during story time. They can express themselves with their hands, which makes it easier for a child to retain information. In addition to the educational benefits, it is also a fun way to connect with your child.

“Once Upon a Family” is a book designed to teach toddlers and young children the signs in American Sign Language (ASL), for basic vocabulary related to family. The book teaches sign through creative, colorful pictures and family-oriented text. It is a great introduction of ASL to kids, teaching them the basics of a different language and a different way to communicate. Sign language skills can enhance spoken vocabulary, memory, fine motor skills, increase their interest in books, raise IQ, and enrich infant-parent bonding. I feel my book reaches children that are hearing, deaf, and children of special needs. I taught my 1½ year old daughter Caroline baby sign language. She is able to communicate her daily needs, and it has reduced frustration for both her and me. My goal is to generate awareness of American Sign Language to children and their parents. It gives them exposure to a whole new world of communication and culture. Imagine your child being able to communicate with a deaf child. Think of how special that child would feel. My sister was that deaf child and she felt isolated and alone during her early school days. Knowing the very basics of ASL can facilitate communication and eliminate the insecurities that children feel when confronted with a communication barrier. Even as adults we struggle with these insecurities, and sadly we tend to avoid them all together. “Once Upon a Family” can be your first step towards eliminating this communication barrier, and gaining an understanding of what being deaf is all about.